If you need a dehumidifier rental service for a special event we have the equipment. Carrier Rental Systems is a full service provider for restoration, specialty blasting and painting contractors. From sizing to setup and decommission, we create custom-made equipment rental solutions. Our specialty solutions include: Moisture removal and climate control, fume free heat, large volume heat curing and extreme low dew point drying. Our systems include: Desiccant Dehumidifiers (up to 9,000 cfm), Fridge Dry Systems (up to 100,000 cfm), Electric Heaters (up to 360kW), Boiler/AHU Systems (up to 100,000 cfm) and Generators (30kW to 2,000 kW). From desiccant to fridge-dry dehumidifiers, Carrier Rental Systems offers a variety of rental dehumidifiers, dehumidification applications and systems.

Available Features

  • Desiccant units
  • Refrigerant units
  • Electric, propane or natural gas reactivation
  • Additional dehumidifying options include: air conditioners, spot coolers, air handlers, and heaters.

Dehumidification Applications:

Carrier Rental Systems has provided drying and dew point/humidity control solutions for an endless number of commercial, industrial & construction applications.  Complex dew point/humidity control applications can be solved with our selection of rental dehumidifiers and, if necessary, a mixture of peripheral equipment.  Let our engineers assist you with your application and help keep production and quality at optimum levels.  For more information about our dehumidifier applications, please read our case studies.

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