Gulf Region Chiller Rentals

Are You in the Gulf Region and Need Temporary Air Cooled Chillers?

Carrier Rental Systems Provides Air Cooled Chiller Rentals to Companies in Texas and Louisiana

Petrologistics 022Temporary Chiller Rentals for Almost Any Scenario

  • We inventory both air-cooled and water-cooled chillers
  • Chillers range in size from  10 tons to 1,500 tons
  • Our chillers are available for shipment 24/7 to meet your needs
  • 24 -hour customer care
  • We have multiple design configurations in place for a wide variety of scenarios
  • We serve every major city and surrounding metropolitan area in Texas, Louisiana, and the rest of the Gulf Region
  • Experience in cooling for a number of applications, including emergency outages, special events, ice rinks, construction projects, supplemental cooling, oil and refining processes, and much more

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