Temporary Chiller for Additional Cooling Capacity



Central chilled water plant for a university to provide additional cooling capacity.


Carrier Rental Systems designed a portable system consisting of chillers and matching cooling towers that provided the required cooling capacity.


A central chilled water plant at a major university was converting a 3000 ton chiller from using refrigerant R-12 to the environmentally friendly R-134a.

The time required to convert the chiller meant the central plant would not have enough cooling capacity as the summer months approached.

The plant’s engineers were asked to implement a plan that would provide additional cooling capacity to the main chilled water system. The engineers determined that 1500 tons of additional capacity would be sufficient until the chiller being converted was put back into operation.

Carrier Rental Systems designed a system that would provide the required cooling. In addition to the system design, the plant engineers were given a project schedule depicting the series of events required to install and startup the system.

The systems consisted of three 500 ton chillers with matching cooling towers. Each tower had a dedicated pump that supplied cooling water to the chillers. The chillers delivered 45F water to a 12″ custom manifold. A single chilled water pump was used to supply 3000 GPM from the manifold to the main chiller water loop located in the central chilled water pump. Carrier Rental Systems provided a transformer to step down the university’s 4160 volt power supply to the 480 volts needed for the equipment.

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