A Temporary Chilled Water System for a U.S. Navy Ship


Revitalization of the USS Intrepid’ HVAC system required temporary chilled water systems that included air chillers and generators.


Carrier Rental Systems engineered temporary system for Intrepid’s HVAC system.


The Intrepid was undergoing a massive revitalization project, during which they received an updated HVAC system. The new chilled water plant was scheduled to be completed sometime toward the end of 2000.

Carrier Rental Systems was called in for the 2000 Op-Sail festivities and the remainder of the cooling season to provide a temporary chilled water system. After working with the Intrepid’s mechanical team, Carrier Rental Systems developed a portable, self-contained system made up of two 210-ton airchillers, two 350 kW generators, pumps, a fuel tank, and all of the necessary accessories. The entire system was set-up on trailers to accommodate limited job space and accessibility.

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