Temporary Chiller Project


Large metro area department store lost chilled water system.


Carrier Rental Systems designed a temporary chilled water system.


Based on a prior meeting to introduce Carrier Rental Systems’ portable/rental equipment, a major department store found itself in need of Carrier Rental System’s fast response time. The night before the store was running a major sales promotion, both of their chilled-water systems developed problems. With time running out and all communications via telephone, the store needed to be up and running by morning.

The Carrier Rental Systems team responded immediately with two trailer packages (200 ton air-cooledchillers, generators, fuel tanks, and pumps) ready to go. The trailer package saved time and the expense of a crane. Carrier Rental Systems technicians were able to run 4″ hose up to the roof top (50′) and connect to the building’s heater. The next day the store was able to open its doors and the “Big Sale” was able to run without delays or uncomfortable patrons.

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