Central Hot and Chilled Water during a Renovation


Provide temporary central chilled/hot water/humidity control during building renovations.


Carrier Rental Systems provided hot and chilled water to portable air handlers and numerous 20 ton air conditioners (with heat strips) for localized control.


The end-user was facilitating a fast-track building retrofit for its research and development operation. The building, along with its mechanical systems, would be renovated to meet the needs of its requirements.

The accelerated project schedule was hindered by lengthy lead times in the design, sourcing, and installation of the building’s base mechanical systems. Such delays would affect the customer’s development schedules and ultimately its “time to market.”

The project’s mechanical contractor was asked to implement construction plans that would enable the end-user to effectively utilize its buildings during the renovation. Carrier Rental Systems responded by designing an application that included portable air handlers and 20-ton air conditioners that not only met the technical requirements of the project, but also provided immediate mobilization of the required equipment.

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