Tank Blasting and Coating


Industrial tank required blasting and coating with temperature control.


Carrier Rental Systems created a temporary dehumidification and heating system.


A large, 196 ft diameter, floating-roof tank was scheduled for routine maintenance. The project’s scope included taking the tank’s structure to a “white blast” and replacing the inner lining. Carrier Rental Systems was called to design a temporary system to control the relative humidity and the tank’s skin temperature.

The entire project was separated into two phases. The first phase focused on relative humidity levels during and after the blast. The second phase focused on the interior coating application. There were several challenges that had to be addressed in engineering a solution. First, unseasonably low outside temperatures threatened to extend the tank lining’s curing time. Extended curing times meant lost opportunity for the facility. Second, space for a temporary system was limited as this was a large tank project. The contractor needed space for the additional blasting and coating equipment and personnel. The temporary system would have to be positioned quite a distance from the entry and exit points of the tank.

During the blast phase, Carrier Rental Systems was asked to create a dehumidification system to keep the relative humidity levels below 20% and maintain it for three days. The coating phase required additional heat to be added to the interior to force cure the lining. Due to the size of the tank and the distance that the air would have to travel, Carrier Rental Systems designed a system utilizing Carrier Rental Systems boilers and air handlers to provide 160F air. This solution provided a tremendous cost savings advantage compared to traditional electric heaters and generators typically used in the industry. The boiler/AHU package provided additional heating capacity and cut the cure time from 72 hours to 24 hours. Additional savings were realized by the drastic fuel savings to provide the same kW of heat compared to generators and heaters. Finally, Carrier Rental Systems’ high static air handlersenabled the system to be placed approximately 100 ft from the project, creating a safer work site. By working closely with the facility and its contractor, a unique solution was created to reduce costs and improve curing time.

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