Residual Refinery


Decrease time to neutralize and cool down reactor during a planned shutdown.


Carrier Rental Systems created a temporary chilled water system utilizing water-cooled chillers, cooling towers and heat exchangers.


A large industrial facility’s planned shutdown of a process unit required the facility to be out of service for approximately two weeks. Carrier Rental Systems’ challenge was to help cool down the reactor in a short time frame. The net result saved the facility hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost production.

As in the past, the facility injected a soda ash solution throughout the entire operating unit to neutralize and cool down the reactor. Working closely with the facility’s engineering team, Carrier Rental Systems designed a 2,000 ton temporary chilled water system utilizing Carrier Rental Systems heat exchangers and a chilled water loop. The soda ash solution flowed through one side of the exchanger and the chilled water flowed through the other side. The Carrier Rental Systems design reduced the cooling time from 14 to 5 days allowing an increased financial opportunity for the customer.

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