Quench Tank Cooling


Quench forgings without rapid heat rise.


Carrier Rental Systems created a temporary chilled-water system utilizing an air-cooled chiller.


A large forgings manufacturer faced the dilemma of quenching 2,300F forgings without a rapid heat rise in the tank’s water temperature. The company utilized a 3,000 gallon quenching tank to immerse the metal. To ensure proper specifications, the tank’s water temperature could not exceed 100F.

In the past, the company addressed this challenge by dumping 1,000 lbs of ice into the tank. The ice lowered the water temperature to 55-60F and initially cooled the product, but it was difficult not to exceed the 100F heat-rise limit. This labor intensive process produced uncontrollable results at best. For multiple batches, the ice solution had to be recreated to produce another quenching (allowing only two batches a day). Carrier Rental Systems was called to help create a more stable and cost efficient solution.

By working with the manufacturer, Carrier Rental Systems designed and installed a chilled water loop providing 250 GPM of 40F water. The chiller solution created several advantages. First, the chiller lowered the tank’s initial and recovery water temperatures much faster than the ice. This faster recovery allowed for multiple (4-6) batches a day. Secondly, the chiller’s temperature control allowed the manufacturer to “dial in” specific temperatures based on the metal being cooled. Finally, the chiller solution eliminated the labor intensive process of dealing with heavy melting ice.

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