Flexible packaging manufacturer with production, pest and employee work environment problems.


Carrier Rental Systems engineered a temporary cooling system composed of chillers and air handlers to meet the customer’s requirements.


Solvent based ink for printing flexible packaging does not perform well when mixed with the heat and humidity of summer. This is particularly true when the packaging is used for food and pharmaceutical applications, because regulations mandate that doors and windows remain closed to prevent possible contamination. Conditions like these create problems such as decreased production and increased waste. Pest infiltration also becomes a concern in summer weather, along with the inherent reduced productivity issue for people working in the area. The team at the packaging manufacturer turned to Carrier Rental Systems to engineer a solution to the problem.

The Carrier Rental Systems team worked with the facility team to determine the current conditions and develop an appropriate solution. Through an on-site meeting, equipment placement was determined and a solution collaboratively developed. Carrier Rental Systems designed a system utilizing a chilled water application with air handlers and pumps along with a separate system for a remote part of the plant.

The client company is a data driven organization and was determined to quantify the results of the developed solution. Temperature and humidity sensors were installed to monitor and chart the results that were achieved. The data was collected over the course of the summer season and then analyzed in conjunction with the corresponding production data. The results showed the temperature and humidity levels well within the desired range and their air filter analysis showed pest infiltration was reduced from over 27,000 pests observed to around 200 post-installation. The comfort level of the production team working in the space was positively impacted with many compliments.

The client company then performed an evaluation of system cost and the results described above versus an engineering study of similar cost. In the final analysis, the system designed and provided by Carrier Rental Systems performed so well against specifications, and the concurrent production data conclusively demonstrated the value realized with a great return on investment and will continue to temperature control their production environment.

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