Hospital Replaces Air Conditioners


Hospital needed to replace air conditioners promptly.


Carrier Rental Systems designed a temporary cooling system using high static air handler and chiller.


In the heat of the summer, a hospital found itself needing to replace an existing air conditioning system. Due to the critical nature of a hospital, continuing normal operations without temperature control is not an option. The contractor on the project called in Carrier Rental Systems to review the situation. By that evening, Carrier Rental Systems’ equipment was in the courtyard and ready for installation.

The hospital needed a minimum of 16,000 CFM air movement. With that information, Carrier Rental Systems designed a system utilizing a 100-ton chiller with a 20,000 CFM AHU, pump, and I-line panel. Another concern for the hospital and contractor was the actual placement of the portable equipment. The design of the building limited where the equipment could be placed. At the request of the hospital, Carrier Rental Systems took on the project management of a crane and set up. The 14,000 lb chiller would have to be lifted up and over 45 feet into a courtyard adjacent to the old roof mounted air conditioning unit. The Carrier Rental Systems technical support team worked with the sheet metal contractor to make caps and collars to accommodate the flex duct.

The hospital was able to continue its normal operation and the contractor could continue his demolition seamlessly.

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