High School Renovation


High school renovated air handlers and chilled water piping requiring cooling system.


Carrier Rental Systems designed a temporary cooling system using high static air conditioners.


A large high school planned to renovate the school’s air handlers and chilled water piping system during the summer months. Due to the size of the project and the configuration of the building, the interior section would be left without temperature and humidity control for several weeks. A temporary system would have to be put in place during the project.
The school district had a few major issues that needed to be addressed: electrical power for the temporary system and the humidity level in the building. The entire school would be affected (library, classrooms, kitchens, and common areas). The school feared that using large equipment and portablegenerators would increase the overall cost of the project.
Carrier Rental Systems reviewed the job site with the school’s contractor and maintenance staff. Utilizing Carrier Rental System’s high static temperature control air conditioners placed around the building’s parameter, it was determined that the temporary system would not only keep the humidity under control, but would be able to utilize the building’s available power. By using the school’s existing power, the school district saved thousands of dollars in diesel fuel. Another benefit would be the equal temperature control over the entire campus while utilizing fewer tons of temporary cooling than the school originally planned (320 tons compared to 400 tons).

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