Explosion Proof Cooling System for Refinery


Summer demand on gasoline production limits a large refinery at peak capacity.


Carrier Rental Systems engineered a temporary cooling system that enabling the refinery to increase production from 50,000 bbl to 55,000 bbl per day. The additional cooling netted Carrier Rental Systems’ customer between $10,000 – $20,000 per day.


Carrier Rental Systems provided chilled water to the existing exchangers as well as a Carrier Rental Systems exchanger to cool reflux (gasoline). This system cooled the gasoline from 95 to 65 degrees F and cooled the tower water from 95 to 45 degrees F. Because of the hazardous environment, the refinery used Carrier Rental Systems’ fleet of Class I, Div II, Group C & D chillerscooling towers, exchangers, and pumps. Additionally, Carrier Rental Systems modified the chillers with a pressurization system, creating a complete, self-contained environment.

The amount of job space was another major consideration to the project. Carrier Rental Systems was able to deal with this limitation by stacking its containerized water chillers. The stacked chillers create a smaller footprint than conventional industry chillers.

Carrier Rental Systems’ ability to design and create unique engineering solutions give our customers the ability not only to be more efficient, but to create new, profitable projects.

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