Dry Out FAA Control Tower and Administrative Building


Needed to dry out FAA control tower and administration building.


Carrier Rental Systems developed system utilizing desiccant dehumidifiers and generators.


When a summer storm dropped several inches of rain in less than an hour, an FAA control tower and administrative building suddenly found itself out of power and with several inches of water throughout the building. To make matters worse, this unexpected outage happened at one of the nation’s largest and busiest airports. Hundreds of airplanes and thousands of travelers found themselves stranded. Flights were delayed and canceled all over the nation.

Having worked with the airport and other FAA facilities in the past, Carrier Rental Systems quickly called to offer help. Carrier Rental Systems had mobilized its team with equipment and technicians and were at the job site as soon as the contractor removed the standing water.

Due to the critical nature of the control tower and the FAA, the Carrier Rental Systems team had to develop a fast drying solution while the building’s occupants were able to continue business as usual. The answer: desiccant dehumidifiers and the facility’s own air conditioning system. The team utilized several desiccant machines that would strategically introduce 13,500 CFM of warm dry air in areas where moisture was a concern. In addition, dry air was introduced to the air conditioning systems return plenum to simulate a “fridge dry” system, allowing the building to remain open and “in business.” Without this final element, the 140 degree F heat from the desiccant machines would have created problems for the computers and uncomfortable work conditions for the staff. Consequently, the building was dried and the FAA and control tower were able to get the airport back open.

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