Chilled Water System


University loses chilled water plant.


Carrier Rental Systems created a temporary chilled water system utilizing water-cooled chillers, cooling towers and generators.


A University’s compressor bearing failed on one of their 1,700 ton chillers. Their local mechanical contractor recommended a temporary chilled water system be utilized during the projected 2 week outage. The chiller failure occurred on a Saturday morning. The University needed the temporary system in place and operational by Monday 9am.

Carrier Rental Systems was called in to design a temporary solution for the University. Based on the season, Carrier Rental Systems determined that they did not need the full 1,700 tons. A 1,500 ton system satisfied the load requirement and saved the University additional money.

The University had several challenges that had to be addressed. The first challenge was the space needed for the temporary equipment. It was quickly determined that a water-cooled system with cooling towers was the answer. The next challenge focused on power. The University determined it did not have enough “house” power to run the temporary system. Carrier Rental Systems consequently brought in portable generators. Finally, taps for the temporary chilled water lines were required.

Work quickly began and the system was up and running by the University’s Monday morning deadline. After the initial emergency response, Carrier Rental Systems worked closely with the University and the mechanical contractor to find “house” power and removed the generators. By working as a partner with the University and the contractor, Carrier Rental Systems saved the University the expenses of the extra rental equipment and fuel charges.

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