Air Condition VIP Tents During LPGA Event


Individual VIP tents needed to have air conditioning units that would make lodging comfortable and enjoyable during a LPGA event.


Carrier Rental Systems designed a portable system for each VIP tent.


The event lasted several weeks, so Carrier Rental Systems had to manage the equipment and provide enough fuel oil to keep the portable generators going for the duration of the event.

The job included multiple tents of various sizes. Carrier Rental Systems had to accommodate these obstacles by providing air conditioners, generators of various power outputs, and accessories of different sizes. Additionally, due to the location and time of the year of the event, each tent would use a system could handle comfort cooling as well as comfort heating as a backup for cooler evenings.

The tents themselves are not ordinary camping tents. They are splendidly decorated, and have interiors that include chandeliers, hardwood floors, Oriental rugs, and elegant furniture. The atmosphere within the tents has to be maintained at a temperature and humidity level to keep the guests comfortable and the décor safe.

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