3 Day Comfort Cool High School Auditorium


Needed to create a three day comfort cooling system for high school auditorium.


Carrier Rental Systems provided 100,000 CFM AHU and chilled water system.


A large city function was to be held at a local high school auditorium. The city was faced with several challenges. The first challenge was the actual size of the event, which included 2700 people for three days. The next challenge was the facility itself. The high school’s auditorium was not air conditioned and with temperatures outside climbing to 98 degrees F, the city had a major problem to deal with. Finally, the location was a challenge. There were limited entry points, no room for temporary equipment, and limited electrical power.

The city called Carrier Rental Systems for help. Carrier Rental Systems designed a solution utilizing a single 100,000 CFM air handling unit, air cooled chillers, and generator to resolve all of the challenges. The equipment was set on trailers for limited space. The AHU utilized custom outlet boxes for numerous feeds and a single 800 KW generator was able to power the entire project. Over the three day event, Carrier Rental Systems was able to keep the 2700 guests at a comfortable 72-74 degrees F indoor temperature during the event.

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