17 Story Building Refurbishes Heat Pump System



A 17-story building needed to refurbish heat pump system.


Carrier Rental Systems created a temporary condenser water system.


A 17-story building utilizes a heat pump system to cool 411 apartments. The basic system works by pumping in 85F sea water through internal heat exchangers that fed the condenser water to the apartments. The existing system was due for a major refurbishment. During the summer months, the system began having problems with the heat load. The building owner made the decision to begin the refurbishment project early. Carrier Rental Systems was called in to design a temporary system during the shutdown.

There were a few challenges that had to be addressed. First, timing was critical for the comfort of the tenants. Careful coordination between Carrier Rental Systems and the mechanical contractor was vital to the success of the project. Second, space for a temporary system was limited. The owner could only afford to give up a 25′ by 60′ area. Finally, the building did not have enough electrical power to supply the temporary system. Having worked with a variety of systems in the past, Carrier Rental Systems quickly designed a 1000-ton system that utilized cooling towers, pumps, and a generator to provide the condenser water for the 411 apartments. With careful coordination, the entire process was completed in 12 hours and the building was up and running again.

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