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If the temperature is hot and you need a cooling solution now, contact Carrier Rental Systems, the leading provider of cooling and heating rentals for your temporary commercial HVAC needs. We have a wide number of rental temperature control and power generation systems for both planned and emergency situations. Our industrial chillers and air conditioners range in various sizes and design configurations to meet the demands of nearly every scenario. Although your needs may be temporary, the long-term benefits of getting the job done right with Carrier cooling and heating systems is everlasting. Learn more about our temperature control solutions, as well as other services and products below.

Carrier Rental Systems has the right Carrier commercial HVAC solution for the job you need to accomplish. Applications include process and comfort heating and cooling, dehumidification and power in order to:

  • Increase efficiency and production outputs
  • Maintain comfortable working environments
  • Control warehouse conditions to eliminate spoilage
  • Provide back-up HVAC during equipment failure and planned outages
  • Supplement existing temperature control equipment during peak production periods and extreme temperature
  • Enable special projects which require a temporary HVAC solution

We look forward to exceeding your expectations; contact Carrier Rental Systems about Carrier commercial HVAC systems and units.